How about studying film during the summer? | EN

Do you think the only way to study is full-time during the school year? Are you studying something else but are you interested in film and want to learn more about it? Come to a Prague Film Institute summer course. PFI is an international film school. Learn everything there is to know about filmmaking. Draw inspiration from experienced directors, actors and producers who have participated on the making of award-winning films both at home and abroad. And what’s more, our school and studios are in Prague: a beautiful, historic city with wonderfully enjoyable atmosphere. The many charming quiet corners of Prague’s Old Town are perfect for shooting films. It is precisely Prague’s unique atmosphere that makes it the set of so many international films.

A larger part of the summer school consists of first-hand demonstrations and practice. You get to try out everything yourself so that what you learn about really sinks in and you can use it later. Whether it’s scriptwriting, acting, editing, sound and film score composing, directing or production. We will let you try everything under the guidance of true professionals.

Direct any questions to the PFI Students’ Office; we will gladly give you any information you may need, answer all your questions and tell you all about the summer film school courses we are currently opening. Come enjoy your summer in the company of young people in the very heart of Europe and have a glimpse into the world of film. There are no special requirements for getting in, all you need is a B2 level English. And if you get hooked, you can go on studying a full-time programme from September. You can choose from General Filmmaking, Post-production and Game Design.

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